About a Mormon’s BoM

What’s the deal with A Mormon’s Book of Mormon?

Posts categorized as A Mormon’s Book of Mormon simply discuss key phrases, teachings, or verses that you’d find marked or highlighted in a (you guessed it) Latter-day Saint’s Book of Mormon. The idea here is answer questions like: what’s in the Book of Mormon? what does it teach? how do Latter-day Saints read it? and why is the Book of Mormon important to them?

Despite a popular musical of the same name that many of my friends and colleagues have seen, I’ve found that a large number of people remain unfamiliar with what the Book of Mormon says, what it purports to be, and why Latter-day Saints place such a strong emphasis on this unique text. In this venue, I hope you’ll view these posts as a kind-of book club discussion, where I share what I’ve read, why I like it, and why it’s important to me (and hopefully others).


An 1830 edition of The Book of Mormon

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